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Before we get into the benefits of your domain name, you need to know what a custom domain is. This is your World Wide Web address that will be used to link to your business website. While many web hosts provide a free domain name with their web hosting services, you will need to register your name. The majority of domain registration procedures are easy and fast. A custom domain name will give you a professional online presence. Here are some benefits of a custom domain.

Naming rights

A custom domain name is a key part of your business identity, just like a trademark, brand name or logo. It’s something that clients and business associates will remember and be able to associate with your products and services. The names will be issued in a first-come, first-served basis when you register a domain name. Registering your domain name is essential even if your business does not yet have one so you can protect your rights. Registering your domain name will at the minimum prevent anyone else from using it. Before you can register, you must prove ownership by way of a registered business or company.


You’ve probably had to move your business’ physical location or change your internet provider. This will be familiar to you. Your web address is linked to the service provider’s domain name if you don’t have one. If you want to change your ISP you will need to also change your internet address and possibly your email address. You will need to contact your clients, suppliers and associates, as well as print new business cards. You can avoid all this by having a custom domain. You can change your web address as many times as you wish, but you will still have it.


It is much easier for customers and business associates to have their own domain names. Because they know it well enough, they don’t have to remember it. It is possible to find it quickly in search engines if it’s very popular. Simpler names are easier to remember and more easily found on the internet.

Credibility is key

You’ve probably heard the saying, “You never get another chance to make the first impression.” You can project a professional image by registering your domain name. This shows potential clients and business partners that you care about your business and operate independently. Registering a custom domain allows you to establish a unique identity for your company or business on the internet, thus making it easier to take advantage of all the available opportunities.

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