10 Frugal Living Tips I Bet You Didn’t Know

Use coupons

buy sale items,

pack your lunch…

These are all money-saving tips. But here are 10 frugal living tricks that you probably didn’t know.

Half-Price Rotisserie Chickens – I was just in the grocery last week and saw that the woman in front of us was purchasing 7 rotisserie poultrys. I was curious and asked her what she would do with all the chicken. I asked her what she was going to do with all that chicken! The best time to stock up on rotisserie chickens is after 7:30.

Make your own teeth whitening rinse – Use your mouthwash to mix peroxide (50/50), for a cheap and effective teeth whitening rinse

Discounted gift cards for every day purchases – Although I love to buy discounted gift cards, I have never considered buying them for everyday purchases such as groceries or gas. Ashley saved $206.29 by living solely on discount gift cards in March. There were 23 merchants involved and 40 cards covering gas, restaurants, groceries, entertainment and other necessities. The average savings was 10%. Discounted gift cards are a great way to save money without changing your lifestyle.

Are your towels smelling musty? Do your towels smell musty? They won’t smell vinegary, I swear!

E-bates is the best way to save money. E-bates allows you to search for the store that interests you online, then make your purchase. You will earn cash back. Just went to Ebates, bought shoes from Nordstrom and received a coupon code that allowed me to get free shipping. I also got 3% cashback. Although Ebates sounds too good to be true it is actually sharing a portion the commissions they get from retailers to send customers to them.

Slow down, save gas – This is a common saying, I admit. But do you know how much gas can be saved? Driving 65 m.p.h. uses 15% more gas than driving 55 m.p.h. It uses 15% more gas to drive 65 mph than 55 mph…that’s equivalent to paying 40C/per gallon.

Reduce your prescription costs by avoiding “Combo Pills”. These medicines combine multiple medications into one pill. Lotrel, a blood pressure combination pill that costs $70 per month (generic), is an example. You can save huge money if you have a prescription for each component. Each prescription for Lotreal’s two components – Amlodipine & Benazepril, is $6. This totals $12.

Affordable Travel – If your budget is tight but you don’t want the hassle of giving up your vacations for a better experience, consider joining a club that hosts hospitality exchanges. These clubs offer lodging accommodations and members are open to welcoming guests to their homes. Members will receive lodging accommodations in return for their vacation. You can continue your travel pleasure guilt-free!

Search and Ye Shall Discover – Find your inner DIYer! You can find a tutorial on YouTube that will show you how to use the internet as a great resource. You can save money fixing your toilet by making it yourself. There’s a You Tube video!

Repurpose is a new word in my vocabulary. Simply put, repurpose means to find a new purpose for something. Recently, I learned how to make a great display of earring for my daughter using an old window screen and picture frame. Cost: $0 The process was simple: use a staple gun for attaching the window screen to your frame.

There are always new ways to save money in frugal living. I’m going to keep sharing any discoveries with you!

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